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Finalist for the Anhinga Press-Robert Dana Prize for Poetry

So happy for prize winner Joaquin Zihuatanejo with his manuscript "Causes of Degradation" and thankful to be a finalist in this contest judged by Eduardo C. Corral. Here's a shout-out to fellow finalists:

The finalists were:

Orient by Nicholis Gulag Unabandonment John Colburn Some Trace More Permanent by Caroline Manring Four Women by Malcom Tariq The Wilting Tree by Dustin Pearson was body by Billie Tadros In Order to Exit the Cave, I First Had to Step over Your Body by Kristina Bicher The Auspices by Elisa Karbin Was Here and Unable to Stop Time by Addie Palin Little What by Jeff Oaks Witch Doctrine by Annah Browning A Girl Could Disappear Like This by Deborah Schwartz Undoll by Tanya Grae My Name is Immigrant by Wang Ping

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